AI & MLArtificial Intelligence

Retailers without the resources to create effective ML/AI fail to predict accurate product recommendations for customers.


Processes and operations are becoming smarter, affording businesses the ability to increase both productivity and efficiency. Artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) make technology smarter and harder working. Operate with higher impact—at scale. Every business strives to be smarter, faster, cost efficient, and ultimately—more competitive. Voicebots use Agent Assist, topic modeling and blended AI to significantly improve customer interactions in the contact center.For example, imagine that a customer calls an online retailer about a product return.


The voicebot proactively asks if the customer is calling about a particular purchase. For online retailers, there’s a very high chance that this call is about a recent delivery. In other words, the customer journey continues with all the context of previous interactions. With a simple “Yes” answer, the voicebot understands the intent, fills the gaps with the details of what the customer needs and fulfills this return. The ability to identify intent is very important because the return could be the end of the interaction. But the voicebot can proactively offer a connection to an agent for advice on a replacement item, for example. In this way, bots become a resource for generating profit, and they know when a human agent should step in with a personal touch.


AI enables organizations to realize these possibilities and benefit from the mining of useful, actionable information from volumes of data, regardless of source or form. Training and running Machine Learning models in production can be a complex endeavour, requiring a different set of infrastructure and processes from the model research phase. CUSTOMER decided to use Machine Learning to produce business value, starting with MODEL NAME. The goal of ours project is not only to successfully deploy MODEL NAME to production, but also lay the foundation for CUSTOMER to deploy future models to the same Google Cloud infrastructure or other cloud provider infrastructure in an efficient, reproducible, performant and secure manner.

Benefits of our methodological approach:

  • Easily consume unlimited amounts of data with timely analysis and assessment.
  • Identify, process, and create data based on predictive analytics.
  • Increase customer loyalty and lifetime value by providing personalized experience and recommendations.
  • Identify and eliminate redundant processes, expertly managing time and resources.
  • Automation, including voicebots, chatbots and robotic process automation—even for small contact centers, automation assists with monotonous day-to-day tasks.
  • Empowering your workforce with AI.
  • Uplifting business outcomes by taking advantage of insights into your data and using those insights for any business purpose.

Intelligent Automation

Take information processing to the next level with intelligent automation. Sift through mountains of big data to cut costs and decrease natural human error. Save thousands of manual hours through applied automation. Handle complex information processing and management—all at scale.

Benefits of our methodological approach:

  • Drastically reduce operational costs and increasing work efficiency.
  • 24/7/365 data management and processing with minimal downtime.
  • Differentiate the business with informed, tailored features and experiences.
  • Predict failures, errors, or fraud to take proactive actions in seconds.

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