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Nexum and Zepto Systems

Nexum and Zepto united to face the challenges of digital innovation together. An industrial collaboration agreement was concluded between the two companies. From today Nexum will be able to count on the expertise and production capacity of Zepto with the addition of a further 250 resources distributed over more countries in addition to the 20 people of Nexum, with a high technical profile


our cloud strategy

Open Software

To avoid lock-in and unnecessary licensing costs. The advantage of a broad ecosystem of partners.


Move at the speed of your fastest developer, use the best tools and leverage small and agile teams.


The adoption of containers increases the portability, security and speed of applications.

CI/CD and DevOps

Create software, assembly line, build fast feedback into your system throughout the lifecycle of apps.


Define goals instead of actions, less idle resources, manage apps instead of servers.

Services and API Management

Decrease downtime, increase portability of services, manage access and testing of services.

about nexum

Passion for innovation

Nexum expertise is rooted in technology, from digital product innovation to total business transformation. Our engineering services provide the fundamental building blocks to make technology work across the enterprise. Nexum’s software development and quality management experts orchestrate all the intricacies of software implementation, configuration, and testing. Business analyst and solution architecture teams use proven methodology to align stakeholders and internal teams on product requirements. Dedicated and operational teams provide the tactical services needed for rapid deployment and ongoing support. Streamline and optimize your technology infrastructure through an agile approach to deliver solutions quickly and efficiently.

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We are a Google Cloud Partner

When it comes to cloud adoption the biggest challenge isn’t technology, it’s the people and processes that must change and adapt. The cloud is transforming IT, improving performance, adding new capabilities and driving down costs. Yet for enterprises with decades of investment in legacy IT, migration can be difficult. Google Cloud offers custom programs and professional services to jumpstart cloud migration, so customers can focus on their applications and data and let Google manage the underlying infrastructure.

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What Our Customers Say?


“The consolidated partnership with NEXUM has allowed INCISOFT to achieve the goal of being able to rely on customer intelligence to support company functions and increase the business by consolidating the digital innovation market.”


Stefano Giorgi

“Following some successful collaborations, we have chosen Nexum as our strategic partner to give even greater completeness and value to our offer in the IT market. Extreme seriousness, strong competence and continuous attention to effective innovation are the characteristics we look for in our collaborators; and we find these always confirmed in Nexum professional.”


Claudio Cianfarani
Management Consultant

“I have been collaborating with this company for a short time but I immediately registered a very high professionalism and promptness in providing competence and innovative, reliable and performing technical solutions.”

Sferanet S.p.a.

Fabrizio Caliciotti
Project Manager

Do you want to work with us?

We are looking for talent in the development of solutions applied to machine learning, software engineering and servless cloud integrations. If you are among them, answer one of our selection announcements.


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